Power Outage!

Severe thunder storms this weekend completely derailed weekend plans. We lost power in the middle of the night on Friday and almost 72 hours later, still do not have power restored.

So what do you do when there’s no power in 100+ degree heat, when the weather service advises you to say indoors in the air conditioning?

You stare at the downed trees in your yard. You can’t clear them because they’re too big to cut with a hand saw and your chain saw is electric.

our backyard

You wander the maze of your neighborhood trying to figure out which streets are blocked and if you can get out.

road blocked, 1 block away from our house

You cry because you know that you won’t get out any time soon… not with this massive tree laying on the power lines a block from your house.

omg. enough said.

You take a trip to Barnes & Noble…. and buy another cookbook that you don’t really need, along with a couple of new books that will overflow your bookshelves a little bit more.

Bought: The Cookie Dough Lover’s Cookbook, Apron Anxiety and The Sweet Life in Paris

You become extra thankful for good friends… spending the day three days at Camp Karen with a bunch of friends – watching Madagascar and Cars II, watching the hubby play video games, charging your phones/computers, and drinking… a lot. You also partake in nap time, snuggling with your favorite 2-year old.

You show off your new drool-worthy cookbook and get suckered into making cookies. Thanks to Lindsay Landis from Love & Olive Oil for an awesome cookbook. It’s not often where I can look through a cookbook and want to make every single recipe in it. In fact, I don’t think that’s ever happened. Until now.

making chocolate whoopie pies with a chocolate chip cookie filling

You reorganize your Pinterest boards. Instead of having one giant recipes to try board, I’ve split it up into courses. I need to start pinning more savory dishes instead of just desserts.

new boards, by course

You attempt to save some of the food in your fridge and freezer…. either using friend’s fridges/freezers and by grilling for a crowd.

Thanks to all of our friends who helped out over the past few days, and who will be helping out in the days to come. It sounds like we’ll be at least another two days, if not longer without power. Send happy thoughts our way as we mooch off of friends and try not to make ourselves crazy.

3 thoughts on “Power Outage!”

  1. I am so sorry you still don’t have power! I hope it is restored soon.

    I have gotten used to power outages with hurricanes down here in Houston, it really forces you to bond with your neighbors over the grill.

  2. YIKES! The storms rolled through here too but power was out for less then a day. Glad you are making the best of it-it sounds like you have some wonderful friends. I also pin WAY too many desserts and not enough savory dishes….but pictures of desserts just call to me.

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