{Menu} Nautical-Themed Baby Shower Brunch

When I had my daughter, several friends highly recommended a join a new mom’s group. I was originally uncertain, but so many different people gave me the recommendation that I couldn’t ignore it. I joined a group run by a local hospital, and it was one of the best decisions this new mommy could have made. I gained not only a support system for those few months but a group of amazing friends that still gets together on a regular basis, two years later.

It feels like just yesterday that we were a group of women with our new babies, and so many questions. Today, this group is moving on – several of us are taking the leap to a family of four (and wondering what we were thinking, as our little ones start the Terrible Twos). To celebrate the first new baby to join our group, a friend and I hosted a nautical-themed baby shower brunch for the mom-to-be this past weekend. We had a blast surprising our friend and being a bit creative.

Below you’ll find the brunch menu we put together for a dozen women (and a couple of hubbies). I didn’t make everything on the menu, but when I could recommend a similar recipe, I linked to it for your convenience.

Nautical Baby Shower Brunch, Food

Nautical-Themed Baby Shower Brunch
Serves 12

Single-Serving Italian Frittatas
Deviled Eggs
Fresh Fruit, Yogurt, and Pecan Granola
Assorted Muffins: Blueberry, Almond Pound Cake, Spiced
Whole Wheat Banana Bread (recipe to come)
Pico de Gallo and Tortilla Chips
Vanilla and Chocolate Cupcakes
Coffee, Tea, Juice, and Sangria

Nautical Baby Shower Decorations

Since this was a shower for a second baby, we kept it simple – we gave prizes to the winners of a couple of games but skipped the favors. However, I couldn’t resist making “Catch of the Day” goldfish bags for the few kids that were present.