{Menu} S is for Sophie

Sophie 1st Birthday

I can’t believe my sweet Sophie is already a year old. It seems like it was just yesterday that she was this teeny tiny baby who used to cuddle with us every evening in front of the tv. And now? Now she is inquisitive and walking all over the place. She loves to be scared and play peek-a-book. And she loves to read. She’ll carry around books for an entire evening sometimes. She likes to flip the pages, sometimes gnaw on the corners. Some nights she’ll sit patiently while we read a full book out loud to her. Other nights she’ll simply look at the photos, trading one book for another.

I absolutely love this photo of Sophie, where she’s surrounded by books and she’s “reading.”

20140117 - 4

Sophie frequently pulls all of the books off of her bookshelf, spread them out around her, and “read.” We have several well-worn board books and a few crumpled children’s books, including Dr. Seuss’ Alphabet Book, the inspiration for this party.


I decided not to go crazy with matching menu items to the first few letters of the alphabet. Instead, I planned a very simple menu and made name tags to match. I had originally hoped to have a large letter in the background, in color, with the name of the dish across the front, but I couldn’t figure out how to make that happen on our new computer. So instead, I used alphabet washbi tape to decorate the tags.

Sophie 1st Birthday

{Serves ~20}

Sesame Seed Chicken with Honey Mayo Dipping Sauce
Macaroni and Cheese Bites
Veggies & Dip
Fruit & Coconut Cream Dip
“ABC” Vanilla Cupcakes with Vanilla Frosting (topped with letters made out of royal icing)
Chocolate Chip Cookies
Strawberry Frozen Yogurt “Cupcakes” (for the babies)

Sweet Tea
Vanilla Pomegranate Sangria

Sophie 1st Birthday

Sophie 1st Birthday

For decorations, we put out Sophie’s favorite alphabet books, an alphabet abacus, and a few of the alphabet blocks that she received this past Christmas. I also added a frame that I received at my baby shower, with photos of Sophie as a newborn and at 3, 6, 9, and 12 months.

We did give Sophie the requisite smash cake (or in this case, cupcake), but she wasn’t really into it. She was curious when I showed her the cupcake, but didn’t like it when she got icing on her fingers. She wiped her fingers on the side of the high chair to get the frosting off, and shuttered every time she tasted the icing and cake. It’s a good thing we had some homemade strawberry frozen yogurt for the birthday girl to fall back on. 🙂

Sophie 1st Birthday

Puzzle Favors

Finally, although we only had a few kids at the party, I wanted an activity for them as well as a favor to take home. These alphabet puzzles served as both. Cute, right?

Vendor Info:

Invitations & Matching Thank You Notes: MTipsy’s Etsy Shop
Alphabet Washbi Tape
:  used for accents on invitation/thank you note envelopes and on the tags to label the dishes, by Scotch (from Staples)
Cupcake Tower:
 Tutorial , supplies from local craft store (Michaels) 
Puzzle Favors
: Oriental Trading 

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