Happy New Year!

Happy New Year!

Coming home from Christmas away, I’ve been looking forward to the start of a new year, with new habits and new things to strive for. This past year has been a craze of wedding planning, school, and life. I’m keeping my fingers crossed that 2010 will be much more low-keyed, allowing me to take more time for the things I want and enjoy doing.

What are your goals for 2010?

In the Kitchen

I have high hopes that 2010 will allow me more time in the kitchen, experimenting with new recipes and ingredients. I want to experiment with new fruits and vegetables. I’m dying to try cooking duck, to test my hand at cooking with yeast (so intimidating!), and to actually make a caramel that I don’t burn.

I’d also like to make a greater effort to cook healthier (so you might see some nutritional information cropping up with my recipes). This will be a challenge, but I think that as long as I plan my week’s menu in advance (and have some healthy and easy fall-backs), that I’ll be ok. In spring, I hope to join a CSA for the first time which will also help us eat better, get to know new foods, and most importantly, will support our local farmers.

Off the Bookshelf

While I’m super-excited about the arrival of my Nook (thanks Mom, Dad & Hubby!), I’d really like to make a dent in my growing bookshelves, which are filled with lots of mystery novels (thanks Mom & Grandma!).

There are also many non-mystery books that I’d like to read, but somehow keep making it to the bottom of the TBR pile. So, for the coming year, I’d like to tackle some of these books and series (sorry James Patterson, you’ll have to take a backseat for a while). On my 2010 TBR list are:

  • All of Jane Austen’s works (6  books, 1 short fiction, and 2 unfinished fiction)
  • Gone with the Wind, a book that has always intimidated me a little bit in its length
  • The Lord of the Rings series. I love the movies, I just need to start the books!

And my final goal for the year… I’d like to continue with my little blog here and improving my photography.

What are your cooking or reading goals for 2010?

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