{Book Review} The Elizas

{Book Review}

The Elizas

By Sara Shepard

Eliza Fontaine wakes up one morning, completely confused. She’s in a hospital room, with family fluttering around her, claiming she attempted to commit suicide at a hotel pool. But quickly, pieces of memory come back to her. Eliza swears that she didn’t try to kill herself, but rather, was pushed. The Elizas chronicles Eliza’s story to figure out what happened that night, and why so many memories and details in her life don’t match up. But because she can’t make sense of anything, Eliza isn’t sure who to trust – not even her family.

Recommendation/Review: Published in April of this year, The Elizas was a good read, a unique sort of mystery.  Eliza’s quest for the truth is interspersed with chapters from Eliza’s debut novel, The Dots. The parallels between Eliza and one of the female protagonists in her book, Dot, are uncanny, but frequently, Eliza has no recollection of those details or moments – her family and friends are just confusing her book with her life, right?

Eliza isn’t the most likable character, but I felt bad for her – it was clear that she didn’t have her head screwed on straight, and it was hard to dislike her when not only was she so incredibly confused but also because she didn’t have a support system that she could trust.

The Elizas is a good beach read, for those of you with vacation plans left for the summer. Otherwise, pick it up and use it as an escape from life.

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