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I’ve had quite the busy weekend! I started the weekend off with a couple of projects to use up some goods in my fridge and pantry. First, I made and froze (in 2 Tbs. portions) some basil pesto to use in one of my favorite winter comfort foods – baked ziti with spicy Italian sausage, tomatoes and spinach.


Then I moved on to a nutty, coconut-y granola. I had intended on making it weeks ago for friends who recently had a baby, but we had trouble finding a time to get together so a freezable breakfast it was. Worked out well for me – I enjoyed the granola mixed with yogurt for breakfast yesterday, and will probably have the same thing every day this week. I enjoyed it that much.

Nutty Granola

After pesto and granola, I spent several hours making a cake, which you’ll read about here on Wednesday. No, I’m not going to tell you what it is or how it turned out – you’ll have to visit on Wednesday to see. We finished off Saturday with board games at a friend’s house.

On Sunday, I did some errands and visited with a friend who was in town for the day. I made a roast chicken for dinner (one of my first ones!) but forgot to snap a photo. However, I did remember to take a picture while prepping… of my afternoon cocktail. 🙂 Bakers Royale posted a recipe for orange sage vodka tonic this week. I immediately amended my grocery list so that I could try it out. Yum! I might have had two on Sunday afternoon. I might have texted my mom, saying to bring me more sage leaves from her over-producing plant because I might be making this every weekend. This cocktail might become a problem.

Afternoon Cocktails

I finished up the weekend with a bit of blogging and playing with photos while Hazelnut slept. Yep, can’t believe you’ll have two blog posts this week!  On that note, I’m going to read for an hour before bed. I wish you all a very good week.

(Note: These photos were taken via Instagram. Follow me @booksncooks). 

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