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The past month has been jam packed with family visiting to meet our little Hazelnut. My mom has Nutella Mudslidebeen a huge help, spending a couple of weeks with us, helping with the cooking and cleaning. My brothers, grandparents, and uncles have been in and out of the house, along with friends stopping by. I’ve loved having everyone around. Even with a 3-week old, I used the opportunity to try out some new recipes. I made homemade bread and bagels, beef wellington, cranberry white chocolate cookies… and this cocktail for me and Grandma. I’ve been looking forward to trying it for quite a while, and my mixed drink-loving grandma gave me the perfect opportunity.

The drink was delicious – it is pretty much a variation on a mudslide. Shaken with ice, it was thick with rich nutty and chocolaty flavors. While the original recipe (Nutella Shots) served this drink as a shot, I preferred to sip it as a chilled drink (or, if it was warmer outside, blended in a food processor or immersion mixer to create a frozen drink).

Nutella Mudslide

Adapted from So Delicious

Makes 1 drink


  • ice
  • 1/2 c. milk
  • 1 shot Baileys liquor
  • 1 shot vanilla vodka
  • 2 Tbs. Nutella

In a jigger, combine ice, milk, Baileys, and vanilla vodka. In a small bowl, place Nutella. Microwave for ~20 seconds, until soft. Add to jigger and shake to combine.

(If you’d prefer to serve this frozen, throw all ingredients in a blender. Pulse until blended.)

Strain into a glass and serve immediately.

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