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I’m thrilled that my friends and family are beginning to buy Nooks. I was one of the first, and now 5 of my close friends or family members have one (I’m hoping Mom will get one for Christmas this year also.)

I was recently asked how to remove books from the Nook, as recent purchases are apparently coming with 3 free books (mine didn’t). Since I did the research, I thought I’d share what I found. These instructions are also found on page 94-95 of the user’s manual.

How to Delete Sample Books

1. Log into B&N account.

2. Navigate to My Account => My Ebook Library (bottom of the page, in the last block called Digital Management). This will give you a list of books you have in your library.

3. Under each book, there’s an option to “archive and delete.” You can either archive the book or delete it. If you archive a book, it is removed from your Nook and digital content, but you still own the book, and can re-download it at any time. (A separate link will be on the left side of the page in your Ebook Library for archived content). If you delete a book, it is gone forever (i.e. for sample chapters.) Choose your desired option.

4. Turn on Nook and navigate to “My Library.”

5. Check for new B&N content – this will download new content and update the old.

You’re unwanted books should now be deleted and will no longer appear in your Library.

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